Geodyna 6900-2p

Automatic Car Wheel Balancer with Monitor and Power Clamp Device


Product description:

Car wheel balancer for garages and tyre shops with high tyre service volume.

Clamp the wheel, close the wheel guard, and all wheel data is detected automatically in a single measuring run. The operator does not even have to touch the wheel - that's how easy and quick professional wheel balancing can be.

With automatic non-contact input of all wheel data and power clamp device to satisfy the discriminating professional garage.

Key Features
  • Non-contact automatic acquisition of all wheel data
  • Automatic detection of number and position of alloy rim spokes
  • geodata gauge arm with patented wheel weight clamp for positioning adhesive wheel weights
  • Electro-mechanical power clamp device
  • Rim lighting system
  • Patented virtual plane measurement (VPM) technique
  • 19“ TFT wide-screen monitor
  • Patented optimisation mode
  • Ergonomic weight tray
  • Ergonomic shelves for cones and clamping means holders
  • Compatible with asanetwork

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