Monty 3300-24 2-speed plus

Pneumatic Tilt Back Post 2-Speed Tyre Changer

Pt# HOF6028842

Product description:

This wdk-certified tyre changer in 2-speed technology optimises torque and speed depending on the requirements of mounting and demounting operations.

This optimises and accelerates operation and consequently increases productivity.

Scope of application: shops with medium tyre service volume.

Key Features
  • Certified by wdk for gentle and user-friendly mounting and demounting of UHP and run-flat tyres in line with OEM specifications
  • With pneumatic mounting tool easymont pro and "plus" kit (standard equipment) for handling of UHP and run-flat tyre systems (additional optional adaptors required for PAX and CSR tyres)
  • Double-acting bead breaker cylinder
  • Mounting head vertically and laterally adjustable in spaced-apart position relative to the rim
  • Pneumatically controlled movement of mounting head towards the rim
  • Self-centring four-jaw turntable
  • Plastic protection inside jaws and on mounting head to avoid damage to alloy rims
  • Quick-inflating valve
  • Outer clamping range up to 24"
  • Pedal-controlled tilt back post, pneumatically locked in working position and pneumatically tilted forwards / backwards
  • Two turntable speeds (7 and 13 rpm)
  • Pedal-controlled inflation
  • Tool box with pressure gauge fitted on separate post
  • Bead breaker blade supported in three joints
  • Bead breaker infinitely adjustable
  • Top-side bead seating kit

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