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Sponsorship Requests

Snap-on is very fortunate to be given a great many opportunities for sponsorship. Whereas we are very grateful for these opportunities, it became apparent some time ago that there are far more great teams, great opportunities and worthwhile causes than we could ever hope to sponsor.

Our Sponsorship Programme is limited to the consignment of product and on a national level so as to provide brand promotion for our network of Snap-on franchisees. We are unable to provide any financial sponsorship support. Unfortunately the inventory that we have allocated for sponsorship has been fully distributed and we are unable to consider any other proposals at this time.

However, the network of Snap-on mobile stores are all independently owned and operated under the Snap-on Franchise Programme.  Should your sponsorship proposal be at a local level, please approach your local Snap-on franchisee, who may possibly be in a position to assist you.

For the contact details of your local Snap-on Franchisee, please call 1800 810 581