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19.4 Software now available. Over 1100 new, expanded or enhanced Australian system selections for 19.4!

  • Huge CTM Update for 5 Australian makes, including over 145 new models
    or model variants!
  • Australian CTM receives a total increase of over 33% in engine test content
    with 19.4! Engine total systems count increases to 364,984!
  • 2019 Model year coverage for 9 manufacturers in Australian software!
  • 9 Australian manufacturers receive new or updated content in 19.4!
  • Over 50 New Australian models and variants!
  • 70 existing models extended to 2019!
  • New or enhanced content for Australian models from 2006 – 2019
  • Over 19 new system type selections across 5 Australian makes!


Whats new for 19.4 click here!

19.4 Australian VCS Application Guide.

19.4 NA & EU Coverage Guide.

19.4 Australian Component Test Coverage.

19.4 Australian Scanner Key and Adaptor Used Matrix.

New AUS Key and Adaptor additions by Bundle.


Models to 2019:

  • Canter, Fighter and Rosa

New System’s Added:

  • Hill Start Assist added for Canter Euro 5 models (2011-19) code functions and data


New Models Added:

  • Acadia 3.6L (2019): All new Australian model, supports up to 25 systems! Includes Front View Camera & Long Range Radar Learns!
  • Commodore ZB 2.0L-DT (2018-19): New diesel variant with up to 26 systems covered!

Models to 2019:

  • Astra Hatch, Astra Sedan and Astra Wagon, Barina, Captiva, Equinox, Colorado, Commodore, Spark, Trailblazer and Trax

Added Functionality for Existing Systems:

  • Auto ID now supported for MY2018-2019 vehicles!


Added Functionality for Existing Systems:

  • Custom multi-group data PID support for CAN Engine and Gauge systems! (Solus Edge, Ethos Edge, Modis Edge and Verus Edge)


New Models Added:

  • Elantra AD2 1.6L-T and 2.0L (2019): Updated model for

2019, up to 20 systems supported!

  • IONIQ electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid (2019): All new models with all power train variants supported for 19.4
  • iLoad and iMax TQ4 2.4L & 2.5L-DT (2019): New model support, diesel coverage supports special functions, including injector programming and DPF Regeneration
  • Kona OS2 electric, 1.6L-T & 2.0L (2019): Updated model for 2019, now includes support for electric models!
  • Santa Fe TM 2.2L-DT & 2.4L (2018-19): All new model with up to 28 systems supported!
  • Tucson TL3 1.6L-T, 2.0L & 2.0L-DT (2019): Updated model for 19.4, all engine variants and up to 23 systems covered!

Models to 2019:

  • Accent, i30, i30-N & Sonata


New Models Added:

  • Carnival YP 2.2L-DT & 3.3L (2019): Updated model for 2019, up to 26 systems supported!
  • Cerato BD 2.0L (2019): All new model supported in 19.4 with coverage for both hatch and sedan models!
  • Optima 2.0L-T GDI & 2.4L-GDI (2019): Facelifted model with 25 systems covered including new ADAS support!
  • Rio YB 1.0L-T GDI & 1.4L (2019): Updated model series for 2019, includes coverage for the new 1.4L with 6 speed auto trans & 1.0L-Turbo GT-Line with 7 speed dual clutch!
  • Sportage QL 2.0L, 2.0L-DT & 2.4L (2019): Updated modelfor 2019, up to 18 systems supported!

Models to 2019:

  • Picanto, Rondo, Sorento, Soul and Stinger


New Models Added:

  • CX-3 DK 1.8L-DT & 2.0L (2019): Engine, Trans, ABS, Airbag and up to 18 other systems supported!
  • CX-5 KF MY19 2.0L, 2.2L-DT, 2.5L & 2.5L-T (2019): Updated model for 2019 with coverage for all engines including the new 2.5L-Turbo!
  • CX-8 KG 2.2L-DT (2018-19): All new model, includes coverage for up to 25 systems! Diesel engine coverage includes special functions such as DPF Regeneration.
  • MX-5 ND MY19 1.5L & 2.0L (2019): Updated model for

2019 with up to 18 systems supported!

  • Mazda 6 GL-2 2.2L-DT, 2.5L & 2.5L-T (2019): Updated model for 2019 with coverage for all engines including the new 2.5L-Turbo!

Models to 2019:

  • BT-50, CX-9, Mazda 2 & Mazda 3


Added Functionality for Existing Systems:

  • Navara D40 & Pathfinder R51: ABS special function – Deceleration G Sensor Calibration added for models with stability control


New Models Added:

  • Jimny 1.5L (2018-19): Engine, Trans, ABS, Airbag and up to 8 other systems supported!
  • Vitara LY2 1.4L-T & 1.6L (2018-19): Engine, Trans, ABS, Airbag and up to 11 other systems supported!

Models to 2019:

  • Baleno, Ignis, S-Cross & Swift

New System’s Added:

  • Dual Sensor Brake Support: Jimny, Swift AZ & Vitara LY2 – code functions, data & functional tests


New Models Added:

  • Corolla Hatch 2.0L (2019): Engine, Trans, ABS, Airbag and up to 28 other systems supported!
  • Corolla Hatch 1.8L-Hybrid (2019): All new model for 19.4with up to 23 systems supported!
  • Fortuner, Hilux and Prado (2019): Updates to these facelifted models supported in 19.4!
  • RAV4 2.0L and 2.5L (2019): All new model with coverage for Engine, Trans, ABS, Airbag and up to 36 other systems!
  • RAV4 2.5L-Hybrid (2019): All new model with coverage for up to a total of 39 systems, including Hybrid Control, Electric Parking Brake and Motor Generator!

Models to 2018:

  • 86, Camry, Camry Hybrid, C-HR, Coaster, Corolla 172 sedan, Hiace, Kluger, Land Cruiser 70, Land Cruiser 200, Prius, Prius C, Prius V, Tarago & Yaris

Added Functionality for Existing Systems:

  • Camry Hybrid (2018-19): ABS Brake Bleed added
  • HVAC Refrigerant Gas Volume Check added for various models including Prius C, Corolla Sedan 172 & Yaris (18+)
  • Tarago 2.4L (2016+): Transmission special functions added

USA Software: Most OEM’s Updated

  • Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep (to 2018)
  • Ford (to 2018)
  • GM (to 2019)
  • US Asian Software (to 2019)
  • Harley Davidson Motorcycles* (2000-2018)

European Software: Most OEM’s Updated

  • Alfa Romeo (to 2018)
  • Audi (to 2018)
  • BMW (to 2018)
  • Citroen (to 2018)
  • Fiat (to 2018)
  • Ford Euro (to 2018)
  • Jaguar (to 2018)
  • Land Rover (to 2018)
  • Mercedes (to 2018)
  • Mini (to 2018)
  • Opel (to 2018)
  • Peugeot (to 2018)
  • Porsche (to 2018)
  • Renault (to 2018)
  • Skoda (to 2018)
  • Smart (to 2018)
  • VW (to 2018)
  • Volvo (to 2017)

Component Test Meter

Australian, European, US Domestic & US Imports updated!

  • Over 145 all new Australian models added!
  • Includes new Australian specific CTM support for Ford, Holden, Honda, Mitsubishi and Nissan

Altus Drive / Snap-on Cloud

In addition to expanding the Wi-Fi Capabilities on Solus Edge & Modis Edge platforms, Altus Drive has now been added to Verus Edge.

Compatible tools now include:

  • Solus Edge
  • Modis Edge
  • Verus Edge
  • Thermal Imager Elite

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