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18.4 Software now available. Over 1100 new, expanded or enhanced Australian system selections for 18.4!

  • 2018 Model year coverage for 9 manufacturers in Australian software
  • 13 Australian manufacturers receive new or updated content in 18.4
  • Over 34 New Australian models and model variants
  • 80 existing models updated to 2018. New or enhanced content for Australian models from 2003 - 2018
  • 53 new system type selections across 7 Australian makes



Added Functionality for Existing Systems:

• Air Conditioning (HIM): Key On Engine Off (KOEO) self-test added, required after HIM is replaced to recalibrate system- supported on applicable BA, BF, FG and Territory models 



Codescan and Clear All Codes added: 2012 to 2018

Models to 2018:

• Canter, Fighter and Rosa

New System’s Added:

• Canter (Eu5): Instrument’s and Signal & Actuator Module

• Fighter FK/FM (2011-18): Hill Start and Integration Control



New Models Added:

• Astra Sedan 1.4L-T (2017-18): Support for up to 19 systems!

• Astra K Sportwagon 1.4L-T (2017-18): Support for up to 24 systems!

• Commodore ZB 2.0L-T & 3.6L (2018): All new imported model, support for up to 28 systems! Includes Learn functions for Front View Camera and Long Range Radar!

• Equinox 1.5L-T, 1.6L-DT & 2.0L-T (2017-18): Support for up to 25 systems! Diesel engine support includes AdBlue tests and resets! 6 & 9 speed transmissions covered.

Models to 2018:

• Astra, Barina, Captiva, Colorado, Spark, Trailblazer & Trax

Added Functionality for Existing Systems:

• Captiva CGII 3.0L (2016-18): Enhanced data, additional functional tests and special functions supported



Added Functionality for Existing Systems:

• HR-V (2015-17): City Brake Active System History Data, Drive test and radar correction for windscreen replacement



New Models Added:

• i30 (PD) 1.6L-DT, 1.6L GDI Turbo & 2.0L GDI (2017-18): Support for up to 19 systems!

• i30 “N” (PD) 2.0L GDI Turbo (2017-18): Support for up to 20 systems!

• Kona 1.6L GDI Turbo & 2.0L (2018): Support for up to 22 systems!

• Santa Fe DM3/4/5 2.2L-DT, 2.4L & 3.3L (2017-18): Support for up to 26 systems!

• Sonata LF3 2.0L GDI Turbo & 2.4L GDI (2018): Support for up to 27 systems!

Models to 2018:

• Accent, Elantra, i40, iLoad, iMax, Tucson & Veloster

Added Functionality for Existing Systems:

Cluster Module Service Interval Reset special functions added – allows ability to change saved SIR settings between customer mode and workshop mode options. Reset function added for vehicles set to workshop mode.Various models inc. Elantra AD, i30 PD and Tucson TL


New Models Added:

• Picanto JA 1.2L (2017-18): Support for up to 13 systems!

• Rio YB 1.4L (2017-18): Support for up to 16 systems!

• Sorento UM 3.5L (2018): Support for up to 32 systems, including new 8 speed transmission!

• Stinger 2.0L GDI Turbo & 3.3L GDI Turbo (2018): Support for up to 30 systems!

Models to 2018:

• Carnival, Cerato, Optima, Rondo, Sorento, Soul & Sportage

Added Functionality for Existing Systems:

• Sportage QL (2016-18): Lane Departure Warning System calibration added, required after windscreen replacement



New Models Added:

• CX-3 DK 2.0L (2018): Support for up to 21 systems!

• CX-5 KF 2.0L, 2.2L-DT & 2.5L (2017-18): Support for up to

26 systems!

Models to 2018:

• 2, 3, 6, BT-50, CX-9 & MX-5

New System’s Added:

• Retractable Hard Top added for MX-5 ND 2018

• Head Up Display and i-Stop Control added for CX-9 TC



Added Functionality for Existing Systems:

• Electronic Time & Alarm Control: Additional customisation functions added for applicable models between 2007-2017. Adjustable features may include interior light delay time, security system functions and power window settings



Added Functionality for Existing Systems:

• Nissan Pathfinder R52 2017: Auto Back Door special function – Reset Status

• X-Trail T32 2.0L-DT (2017): Additional engine special functions added

• Pathfinder R52 (2013-15): TPMS Sensor ID Registration

• Patrol Y62 5.6L (2012-17): TPMS Sensor ID Registration



New Models Added:

• Ignis MF 1.2L (2017-18): Support for up to 9 systems!

• Swift AZ 1.0L-T, 1.2L & 1.4L-T (2017-18): Support for up to 9 systems!

Models to 2018:

• APV, Baleno, Grand Vitara, Jimny, S-Cross & Vitara

New System’s Added:

• Lighting & Turn Signal added for Baleno: codes and data



New Models Added:

• Camry 2.5L & 3.5L (2018): New model support for up to 44 systems!

• Camry Hybrid 2.5L Hybrid (2018): New model support for up to 44 systems!

• Prius C 1.5L Hybrid (2018): New model support for up to 23 systems!

Models to 2018:

• 86, C-HR, Coaster, Corolla, Corolla Hybrid, Fortuner, Hiace, Hilux, Kluger, Land Cruiser 70, Land Cruiser 200, Prado, Prius, Prius V, RAV4, Tarago & Yaris


USA Software: Most OEM’s Updated

Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep (to 2017)

Ford (to 2017)

GM (to 2018)

US Asian Software (to 2018)

Harley Davidson Motorcycles* (2000-2017)


European Software: Most OEM’s Updated

Alfa Romeo (to 2017) Audi (to 2017) BMW (to 2017) Citroen (to 2017) Fiat (to 2017) Ford Euro (to 2017) Jaguar (to 2017) Land Rover (to 2017) Mercedes (to 2017) Mini (to 2017) Opel (to 2017) Peugeot (to 2017) Porsche (to 2017) Renault (to 2017) Skoda (to 2017) Smart (to 2017) VW (to 2017) Volvo (to 2017)now supported!


Component Test Meter

Australian, European, US Domestic & US Imports updated!

• 32 all new Australian models added!

• Includes new Australian CTM support for Mustang, BT-50,CX-5, Lancer CJ, Fortuner and Hiace!

18.4 Diagnostics Information

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