Snap-on Motorized Quick Balancer  


 Combines advanced high performance computer technology, robustness and reliability with quick user friendly features and large stadium console. 


      Semi -automatic input of rim offset & diameter (2D SAPE)

      Automatic Sonar entry of rim width (Smart Sonar)

      Static/dynamic balancing, PAX and motorcycle modes

      Quick Nut fast mount system

      Features 8 modes, 4 Alloy, 3 ALU-P & 1 steel wheel

      Matching program

      Spoke mode with hidden weight function

      Ergonomically positioned stadium weight tray console

      Virtual plane imaging (VPI) technique

      Relocation of weight position in alloy modes

      Automatic braking after measurement

      Pedal-operated main shaft lock

      Integrated Dual Digital display

      4 storage pegs for accessories on left-hand side of machine