Snap-on Two Post 4T Workshop Hoist


A four tonne clear floor Symmetrical hoist with triple telescopic arms that allows Asymmetric lifting and forward or rearward loading? Combines four configurations in one compact, robustness and reliable design, 4in1. Suits all applications from servicing and repair to restoration and storage. Must be professionally installed on minimum 150mm thick sound level floor and requires 3 phase supply for smooth power delivery when lifting.


      4T, lifts from a Smart to loaded Landcruisers and unloaded light duty trucks

      Symmetric and Asymmetric loading improves bay use

      Design supports forward or rearward loading

      Triple telescopic arms for wheelbases from a Smart to a Sprinter

      3 Phase CE approved motor for smooth, variable control

      Oversized base plate for stability and longevity

      Double acting overhead and cylinder stroke limit switch

      Dual hand controls to keep hands clear for safety

      Configure as Tall and Wide or Short and Wide

      Automatic arm locking system for stability and safety

      Large surface lift pads with telescopic height adjustment that collapse to just 106mm for low profile vehicles