Snap-on Specialists Tyre Changer


Combines power assisted features, robustness and reliability with ergonomic design. A specialists tyre changer for broad vehicle application, 4WD, racing and constant everyday use. Requires air and single phase 15 amp supply using invertor technology for variable control power delivery when changing tyres.


      PROspeed technology provides maximum speed and adjust the torque to stop bead damage and speed up the job

      Wide body and heavy build for stability and robustness

      Fast pneumatic powered tilt back tower and head

      Professional Bead Assist Arm (Third Arm) pneumatically powered for difficult low profile tyres to reduced fatigue

      Bead breaking roller board to reduce lifting

      Large anti-slip bead breaker pad for secure grip

      Double acting bead breaker cylinder for smooth control

      Steel mounting head with plastic protector for alloy rims

      One piece, spaced-apart changeable quick mount head

      Widely spaced pedal-operated controls to keep hands clear

      Remote tyre inflation via pedal control

      Adjustable three position bead breaker opening and angle

      Top air inflation bead seat device

      WDK certified kit for UHP and run-flat tyres (option)