New Product: 14.4v Micro Lithium Power Tools

A small yet powerful cordless family


Today’s vehicles are unlike any before. Tighter spots and hard to access areas makes repairing vehicles today more of a challenge. Snap-on Tools has released a complete family of cordless power tools that are compact enough to get into tight spots and powerful enough to get the job done.

The 14.4 volt Micro Lithium family features an interchangeable battery and is made up of a wide range of different cordless power tools, each giving you the power you need. These tools are perfect for those hard-to-reach jobs.


 The 14.4v Power Tool range includes:
  • CDRA761 - Micro Lithium Drill
  • CTA725 - 1/4" Square Drive Micro Lithium Cordless Impact
  • CTA761 -  3/8" Square Drive Micro Lithium Cordless Impact
  • CTG761DB -  Industrial Grade Cordless Temperature Gun
  • CTL761 - Micro Lithium LED flashlight
  • CTLU761 - Micro Lithium LED Utility Light
  • CTLUH - Micro lithium LED Under Hood Light
  • CTRA725 - 1/4” Micro Lithium Cordless Ratchet
  • CTRA761 - 3/8” Micro Lithium Cordless Ratchet 
  • CTSA761 - 1/4" Hex Drive Micro Lithium Cordless Screwdriver

Snap-on has developed the features of each of the power tools further than ever before. With 50 percent more torque than the previous screwdriver model, the CTSA761 cordless screwdriver delivers more power, with control. There’s a variable-speed toggle trigger that gives precise control, preventing over-torque or snapping of fasteners, particularly in hard-to reach places. You can choose between 400 and 1400 RPM. It also has an improved chuck, offering increased versatility.

The unequalled CTA761 cordless impact delivers more power than ever before. There’s 71 percent more power in this edition than in the previous model, all without adding size or weight. It’s essentially a larger impact gun in a smaller body. Rounding out the Micro Lithium family are the CTRA725 and CTRA761 cordless ratchets, giving you the freedom to work untethered. With 350RPM free speed, they let you work fast while maintaining incredible control.

Behind all of these incredible developments is the 14.4v Micro Lithium battery source. The Micro Lithium family has a longer run time and more brute power, thanks to the battery. The batteries are interchangeable between tools, including the CTG761DB Industrial Grade Cordless Temperature Gun and the CTL761 portable work light.

Learn more about the new Snap-on Micro Lithium Power Tools family by contacting your nearest Snap-on franchisee.