NZ Road Tripping With Snap-on Diagnostic Roadshow

Snap-on Tools Australia and New Zealand is excited to have their specialised Diagnostic Roadshow truck currently touring New Zealand, showcasing Snap-on’s range of diagnostic tools and the fantastic value add they offer to workshops.

The two month long road show will see experienced Snap-on diagnostic specialists Kevin and Lee touring both the North and South Island, calling in to workshops and opening up their fantastic, customised mobile diagnostic road show truck to workshop owners.

The roadshow team are able to demonstrate the latest range of Snap-on diagnostic products in realistic testing scenario’s, enabling technicians to gather a complete picture of how these tools can not only assist in repairing vehicles more efficiently by helping find faults quickly but re-shaping the way workshops operate and presenting a new ROI opportunity. 

Something that can only be seen via the Snap-on Roadshow truck is Snap-on’s unique Advanced Diagnostics Centre. The pinnacle of Snap-on’s diagnostic program, this complete diagnostic business centre combines Snap-on’s flagship Verus Edge a professional diagnostic platform, integrated into a stand-alone Snap-on tool box with monitor, keyboard, mouse and printer. This centre is the number one solution to catapult your workplace into a cutting edge diagnostic workshop.   

The Verus Edge is Snap-on’s premium diagnostic platform includes a digital multi meter and four channel scope for added capability and is ideal for advanced workshop. Utilising Microsoft Windows, Verus Edge offers un-paralleled capability and flexibility.  Parts ordering, repair information and invoicing software can be loaded onto Verus Edge, so you can diagnose, research, quote, order required parts and invoice, directly from the vehicle after performing a diagnosis and repair. It’s capable to be an all in one business tool.

The Snap-on Modis Edge diagnostic tool incorporates many unique and high end diagnostic components of the Verus Edge including instant VIN recognition, plus includes a digital multi meter, two channel scope and Component Test Meter for added capability. This unit is perfectly suited for diagnostic technicians doing testing and advanced diagnostic repairs.

The Solus Edge is another quality Snap-on diagnostic tool that suits workshops that requires ability to assess vehicle status and vehicle faults to find vehicle faults fast. Solus Edge includes a large 8” screen, 5 second boot up time and a host of important functional tests and diagnostic features.   

“The beauty of the Snap-on Diagnostic Roadshow is that it offers local NZ workshops the unique opportunity to get a hands on experience with Snap-on’s industry leading diagnostic tools for themselves, learn about the benefits and  better understand the ROI opportunities from investing in a Snap-on diagnostic platform” said James Morris, Snap-on National Sales and Equipment Manager.

To arrange the Diagnostic Roadshow team to visit your workshop, contact your local franchisee quickly, as spaces and times are limited.